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Author:Balsam Date:2010-9-1 22:57:05
Every time when i eating with customers outside at restaurant,there will always have one interesting image in my mind

I still remember clearly that was one year ago,there were three customers which is from one family,father,mother & son,all of these three are kind & optimistic,after long times' negotiation about business,it was time for supper,so i decided to bring them to a Western-style restaurant which they like beefsteak very much.

They all asked me to recommend the steaks to them,they said they believe my recommendation .Well,that was really a big task to me,anway,i just accepted the suggestions from the waiters & finally the food have confirmed.But the worst matter was about condiments towards the steak which the menu didnt show those clearly in English!!When waiters asked me which kind of condiments they wanted,i dotn know how to say .At that time,i did think those three customers were the kindest ppl i've never met before,they said every condiments are ok for them .

But there was one thing,the son said to me that his mom dont like "spice".God knows that i have throwed most of the English words to my teacher but only a little in my mind now,ya,that means i didnt know what's the meaning of "spice",although the son just explained by gestures with facial expressions.He was very happy after i said i have got his meaning,but only god knew how confused i was at that time,but i just told to waiter that his mom didn't need "pepper" on her steak which was bad for her throat
Ya,i told them i have got their meaning which i got nothing actually

The mom is really a kind people,although it was not the one she wanted maybe,she told me that:"Lily,wonderful,the steak is very delicious!"Also the son & the father all smiled to me and said yes

After said goodbye to them & went back to the company,i just checked through the net,i finally got that "spice" is absolutly different with "pepper" Until now i still dont know how did they thought about me when the mum ate the steak without anything left

Maybe it is not a good history for me ,also it is not funny in some distance,after that,i just tried to memorized more words about foods,so i got something from that matter.

I dont know why when asked about the most interssting & hard-forgetted things during my working time,this one will always in my mind,maybe cuz of the son's funny facial expressions & gestures!

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